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Mill Keepers Café

Blackboard Specials available Daily

Coffee and tea: cup $3.50 or mug $4.00

Pot of tea: for one $3.80 or for two/three people $4.60

Hot chocolate: $4.00

Milkshakes/iced choc/coffee: $5.00

Callington Mill scones: $4.80 .- Two scones served with Fresh Cream and Pinnacle Berries Jam

Quiche and salad: $10.00 - Quiche Lorraine and a honey vinaigrette salad. Pastry is made using Callington Mill flour.

Savoury muffins: $3.50 - A vegetarian muffin served warm with a herb butter. Made using Callington Mill flour.

Mill Keepers lunch plate: $12.50 - Bread and butter, served with Ashgrove Vintage Cheese, sliced silverside, cherry tomatoes and a onion chutney. (Bread made with Callington Mill flour.)

Lasagna and salad: $12.50 - Beef Mince, Pasta sheets made using Callington Mill flour, organic tomatoes and Italian Parmesan cheese, served with a salad and honey vinaigrette.

Veal, ham and pine nut terrine: $10.00 - Served with a fresh salad, tomato chutney and a honey vinaigrette dressing.

Toasted sandwich: $5.50

Fresh sandwich: $4.90 - Fillings - ham, chicken, silverside, tomato, onion and cheese.

Selection of sweets and cakes

Gluten free options available.