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Flour sales

27 March 2019

Dear valued customer

As a valued customer of the Callington Mill flour production business, we wish to advise the following.

As you might be aware, the Southern Midlands Council has been in negotiation with a private operator to take over control and management of the Callington Mill Precinct. The opportunity to privatise the operation and maximise the overall benefits of this unique heritage precinct became clearly evident during the planning stages for the proposed Whisky Distillery to be constructed on the adjoining property.

I am pleased to advise you that Lease negotiations have now been finalised and management of the Precinct has transferred to the new operation, being Callington Mill Pty Ltd. In addition, plans for the Distillery are well advanced with construction to commence in the forthcoming weeks. In preparation for the new operation, it is also necessary for Council to progress planned maintenance works to the Mill Tower, which includes renewal of the Fantail and complete replacement of the sail cloths.

In light of this, it is advised that Council will need to cease the production of flour and given the level of stock that is currently on hand, it is highly unlikely that Council will be able to meet your product requirements.

I would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that whilst the Callington Mill will remain operational going forward, the main focus for Callington Mill Pty Ltd will be the processing of barley through the Mill for its whisky distilling operation. Having said that, it is probable that spare capacity (in terms of production time) will be available and this time can be allocated to the production of flour on a contract basis. This effectively means that the client will provide the raw grain for production into flour at a pre-negotiated contract price.

Should you wish to explore the opportunity of entering into a contract milling arrangement, please contact Rizk Mawas on telephone 0476 230 836 or email on to discuss this opportunity.

It is further advised that the Roxy Supermarket at 54 High Street, Oatlands will still continue to stock and sell our product (pickup only) until such time that our current stock on hand has been depleted. The Roxy Supermarket can be contacted on 03 6254 1183.