Slide - Callington Mill from street

Slide - Callington Mill and surrounding garden

Slide - Callington Mill interior workings

Slide - Callington Mill sails and clouds

Slide - Callington Mill products

About Oatlands

Welcome to Oatlands. Oatlands, population 600, is a unique place, seamlessly blending the past with the present.

The town offers visitors the opportunity to connect with their heritage in an authentic genuine environment whilst enjoying all the benefits of contemporary township services.

Visit Callington Mill the only fully restored and working Lincolnshire wind driven flour mill in the Southern Hemisphere.

Original buildings have been reinvented as retail outlets, galleries, bakeries, cafés and accommodation. Uncover a hidden treasure at one of Oatlands antiques or craft shops, meet local artisans and learn the stories behind the Oatlands made wares or relax by the lake.

The story of Oatlands combines the convict and military system, settlement by gentry farmers, colonial entrepreneurs looking to make their fortune and notorious bushrangers. Walk in the footsteps of the past and hear the stories of the people with one of our self guided or professionally guided walking tours.

A major point of interest in Oatlands is the sheer number of historic sandstone buildings – 87 in the main street alone and the largest collection in Australia. Other building of interest include Callington Mill (1837), Supreme Court House (1829), St Peters Church (1888), St Pauls Pugin Church (1850), Uniting Church (opened 1856), Oatlands Gaol & Gaoler’s Residence (1834 & 1836).