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Natural Spelt flour – light sifted (1kg or 5kg)

Product - spelt flour, light sifted

Spelt is an ancient species of wheat which was once the staple wheat crop in most of Europe. Archaeologists have found evidence of spelt being grown as far back as the fifth century BC. In the early twentieth century, most farmers moved to bread wheat, but now that the health benefits of spelt are better known, spelt is making a comeback. We are proud to offer it as part of the Callington Mill range.

Our spelt is grown locally, and milled with scrupulous care. Callington Mill stoneground light-sifted spelt is suitable for all types of baking. Due to its lower gluten strain content, many people with allergies or intolerances to common wheat can tolerate spelt. Also, being a more ancient grain, spelt is more digestible than modern variants.

  • Larger parts of the ground grain have been removed.
  • Generally easier to digest than modern wheat.
  • Suited for bread, pizza, pastry and pasta making.